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The new Michigan Economic Center interactive report, “The Michigan Dream At Risk”, captures what Michigan citizens say is special about their state and what they believe powers our economy. The report documents the continued degradation of key economic assets – education, infrastructure, vital services and our outdoors — and the impact years of disinvestment in these “pillars” of the Michigan economy have had on the incomes and lifestyle of Michigan citizens.

You can download the press release for “The Michigan Dream At Risk” report here.


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“The Michigan Dream At Risk” study: Michigan can do better. The Michigan Dream Restored story found that out. Read it here:

ArtsMI has reduced state support for the arts, from $26m in ’01 to $8.15m in 12 years. Do you want to stop this? #MiDream

CommunityMichigan has fallen from 19th to 37th in the nation in personal income. Do you want to stop this? #MiDream

EducationState support for comm. colleges has been flat for 12 yrs while enrollments have increased 50%. Disconnect? #MiDream

EnvironmentState funding for natural resources & the environment has fallen 6% from ’04 to ’14. Want to change that? Go here:

InfrastructureOut of all 50 states, MI ranks the lowest in per capita spending on infrastructure. Can we fix this? #MiDream

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